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Presidential Volleyball Cup has Began

Today the Presidential Volleyball Cup has began. Thirty-five teams are taking part in the competitions which are held for the fifth time now in the Republic. The most attractive part of this tournament is the large prize fund -- five years ago each sportsmen of the winning team including the coach received an auto; last year every player got $1,000.
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Sayana Mongush

Tuvan Deputies Cannot Elect Their Head

Today the first plenary session of the legislative Chamber of the Great (Ulug) Khural took place. Out of 32 available deputy posts, 22 were elected during the first two rounds of the election. The main questions on the agenda of their first sitting were to adopt the Regulations of their work and elect the head of the Chamber.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Stone-Carvers Took Part in Smithsonian Silk Road Festival

A week has passed since the Tuvan participants left the Smithsonian Silk Road festival and headed home. Among them were stone carvers Alexei Kagai-ool and Lorisa Norbu, and instrument maker Marat Damdyn. The Silk Road Festival is an annual event held for over 30 years in Washington, DC during the period a week before and after the US Independence Day holiday on July 4th.
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Eric Slone

Dina Oyun Explains her Position on the Federal TV Channel

Today one of the stories of the weekly analytical program "Vesti Nedeli" ("News of the week") broadcast on the national RTR TV channel was devoted to the so-to-speak "consequences" of the press conference held by President Putin. Two regional journalists who asked the President questions happened to be persecuted afterwards by the local authorities. Editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Krasny Tundrovik" was fired right after Putin's press-conference on the pretext of her poor management.
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Alexandr Papyn

Cleaning Action in Tore-Khol Lake

Yesterday the lake Tore-Khol, on the Tuvan border with Mongolia, has been the site of a huge cleaning project. The Tuvan organization "Ubsu-Nur", also known as the State Biological Nature Reservation, gathered seventy volunteers to clean the beach and the waterline of garbage day trippers and tourists left behind. Tore-Khol is been described as one of the most beautiful and clean lakes of Tuva.
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Jeroen Allebe

Tuvan Militia is Becoming Opener

Today a public reception office was opened in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tuva. People can now apply to this office situated at Lenin str. 18, room 108 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The telephone number of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is +7-39422-33297.
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Sayana Mongush


Dina Oyun A reporter may want to think twice the next time he gets the chance to ask President Vladimir Putin a question.

Media outlets in Tuva and Nenets are under fire after they brought allegations of regional corruption to Putin's attention at a news conference last month.

The head of Tuva's election commission has asked the local prosecutor's office to investigate Dina Oyun, 39, who runs the Tuva Online web site, for a question she posed at the June 24 news conference about election law violations in the remote Siberian republic.

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Valeria Korchagina, The Moscow Times

Tyva Ensemble is Gran-Prix Winnet at Ustuu-Huree

Yesterday in Chadaana the fourth festival of live music finished with the official closing ceremony during which the awards were distributed.The jury had to choose the best out of 200 musicians who participating in Ustuu Khuree 2002. The Grand-Prize of the festival went to the young members of the Tyva Ensemble who truly follow in the grand tradition of their predecessors.
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Sayana Mongush

Ustuu-Huree will be Opened Tomorrow

From July 4 to 6 in the town of Chadaana (in the Dzun-Khemchik district) the third Ustuu-Khuree Music Festival will be held. This festival is devoted to the restoration of a unique Buddhist temple, called Ustuu-Khuree (in Tuvan, "Upper Monastery"). The live music festival has many styles of music represented -- folk and rock-, pop- and jazz-musicians will participate in it. The idea for the Festival Ustuu-Khuree is that of Igor Dulush, founder of the rock group Internat, ex-boxer and a very observant Buddhist.
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Dina Oyun

Igor Koshkendei is Grand-Prix Winner in Khoomei-2002

Yesterday the International Festival of throatsinging finished in Tuva. Thirty-three soloists and eleven ensembles competed in the contest. Their art was judged by music experts, among them were such noted people as Zoya Kyrgys (head of the Khoomei Center), Valentina Suzukei (a scientist), and Sayan Bapa (Huun-Huur-Tu).
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Sayana Mongush
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