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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Acheologists from Saint-Petersbourg Suggest to make an Open-Air Museum out of the Scythian Burial Mound

A press conference was held by Konstantin Chugunov, head of the archaelogical expedition from Saint-Petersbourg annually working in Tuva, and Omak Shyrap, head of the archaeological service of Tuva. They reported on last year and this year's excavations of the Pii-Khem district, which became world-renowned when an untouched burial mound of a Scythian tsar couple with 20 kg gold decorations all over their corpses was discovered. This year the grave was dated to be from the 7th century B.C.. Mr. Chugunov expressed the desire of the archaeological team to turn the mound into an open-air museum.
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Sayana Mongush

Frontiers Guards Killed Tuvan Shepherds' Family

The parents of the married shepherd couple recently killed by a runaway soldier appeared at the Procurators Office. They demanded both criminal responsibility and financial compensation from the people responsible for their son and his wife's deaths.
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Sayana Mongush

Per-capita Monthly Income in Tuva is 1,889 rubles (60 dollars)

The Statistics Committee of Tuva has released the Republic's socio-economic development data for the first half of 2002. Industrial production increased 6.9% from last year, earning 591 million rubles. Agricultural production reflected the decline of both cattle (-7.8%) and horse (-13.7%) numbers, earning 507.6 milllion rubles--only 93.6% of last years total. Retail Trade turnover was 137.9 million rubles.
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Sayana mongush

Famous Tuvan Linguist is Celebrating his Birthday

Dr. Dorzhu Kuular, the Chair of the Tuvan Literature Department at Tuvan State University, is celebrating his 70th birthday today. A long-time devotee of Tuvan folklore, Dr. Kuular defended his thesis "Formation of Tuvan Poetry" in 1969, and in 2000 earned his doctorate in philological science when he presented "Tuvan Folklore in the Context of Central Asian Oral Poetic Traditions". His lectures on Tuvan verse formation and Oriental Literature are very popular among students at the university.
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Sayana Mongush

Tuvan Officials are Accused of Budget Manipulations

A number of criminal lawsuits has been brought against high-ranking Tuvan officials. The latest suit claims that Darya Kuular, Chief Financial Inspector, allegedly stole budget money. An investigation of her office carried out by her colleagues from the Altai region also brought allegations that she neglected her duties.
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Helen Lokotkova

Ayas Mongush is World Champion in Sumo!

An open championship of sumo-wrestling has just finished in Budapest, Hungary. Among Russian sportsmen taking part were Tuvan wrestlers Ayas Mongush and Kan-Demir Kuular.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Prime-minister is Awarded with the Diploma of Honour

A Diploma of Honor of the Russian Government was presented to Prime Minister Sherig-ool Oorzhak for his contribution to the development of the republic, and also coincides with Mr. Oorzhak's 60th birthday. The diploma was presented by Sergei Shoigu, Minister of Emergency Situations of Russia, who is visiting Tuva. Word also came that another honor for Mr. Oorzhak will be issued by Decree of the Russian President soon, an Order of Honor.
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Governmental Press-service

No Compromise Found in the Lower Chamber of the Tuvan Parliament

The Legislative Chamber of the Great Khural of Tuva has recessed today for a month without electing a chief. The proposed candidates had not yielded the 17 votes necessary during today's plenary session. The numerous talks aimed at finding a compromise yielded no results. Tired of these discussions, the deputies decided to take a month's holiday. Their next sitting is set for September 2. Meanwhile, the duties of the head of the parliament will be fulfilled by Sholban Kara-ool.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Shaman Visiting Austria

One of the most prestigious Musical events of the year is happening now in Salzburg (Austria) - the Mozart Festival. Taking part in it as guests are Tuvan shamans Mongush Kenin-Lopsan, chairman of the Tuvan Society of Shamans, Mongush Laso, a shaman of the Dungur Society, Nina Syrat, a shaman of the Dos Teer Society, Vadim Saryglar, a throatsinger from Tuva, and Rollanda Kongar, an interpreter
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Dina Oyun

Help Oleg Ondar! Urgent!!!

On August 1 the 7th Stage of the World Cup auto rally from Saint-Petersbourg to Novorossisk will begin. Tuvan sportsmen Oleg Ondar is going to take part in it as a member of the Russian team. But for the cost of the rally auto he needs 80,000 rubles ($2,600).
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Sayana Mongush
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