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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

The whole world is helping 7-year-old Arat – already 6 thousand US dollars has been collected

Collection of the means to help seven-year-old Arat, who has a brain tumor, is going on in Tuva. The action was initiated by Tuvan reporters. As soon as the first announcement that the little boy needs urgent help appeared, the Tuvan journalists immediately reacted. Quickly, contact with Arat’s mother, Anisya Kim-oolovna was established. She was invited to a press conference, where she told the reporters about her son’s condition.

The chief of Regulation of Courts, Alexandr Saryglar, deputy of Legislative House, president of foundation “Mama” Galina Munzuk, merited artist of Republic Tuva Galina Syuryun, and chief of department of propaganda of the “United Russia” party Saima Dalchin came to her support.

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Kheimer-ool Oorzhak, Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak

A 7-year-old child from Tuva urgently needs help

A 7-year-old child from Tuva, who has cancer, urgently needs help. His mother posted an appeal to all the good-hearted people on internet site . This is the text of her letter:

Greetings! We live in Republic Tuva. There are three children in the family. Arat is the youngest one. He is seven years old.
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Kheimer-ool Oorzhak, translated by Heda Jindrak

High Lamas of Kalmykia and Tuva are asking that the Dalai-Lama is given Russian entrance visa

The heads of the Buddhist communities of two regions of Russia – shadzhin-lama of Kalmykia Telo Tulku Rimpoche, and kamby-lama of Tuva, Jampel Lodoy approached the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a common plea for the Dalai-Lama to be given an entrance visa to Russian territory.

  • 80, translated by Heda Jindrak

The Shamans are waiting for the Drum of the World

Kara-ool Dopchun-ool shamanizing. The one who speaks with the spirits believes that the main problem of humanity is lack of spirituality
Kara-ool Dopchun-ool shamanizing. The one who speaks with the spirits believes that the main problem of humanity is lack of spirituality. Photo by Yevgeniy Antufyev.
The shamanic organization “Adyg Eeren” (Bear Spirit) participates in the internacional project “Drum of the World”, founded in 2006 in Norway by Birger Mikkelson.

The author of the project set up an ideal goal – healing of the Earth. He believes that there is just one hope for humanity: to return to life in harmony with nature.

And to make that happen, everybody has to change inwardly, instead trying to change others. “ All lives are interconnected one with another by indelible ties”, is one of the main themes of the project.

“Adyg Eeren”, based in Kyzyl, submitted an application to participate in this project and was accepted.

The Drum of the World will come to republic Tuva in May 2009 and will stay until July.

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Center of Asia, by Nadezhda Antufyeva.
Translated by Heda Jindrak

The official date of the Buddhist New Year was announced in Tuva

Following the direction of the Kamby-Lama of the Republic, Tuvan Government officially determined the date of the Buddhist New Year – Shagaa. The date falls on a different day every year, and has to be calculated by the astrologists of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia. This year it falls on February 25.

The regulation which designates February 25 as a free day was accepted by the Parliament of the Republic on January 29, in accordance with the law “Government holidays in Republic Tuva”. The law-givers also stretched out the preceding work week, transferring the free day of Sarturday, Feb.21 to Tuesday, Feb.24 – “ for the reason of rational use of free and non-working days.”. That way, Shagaa, together with the “red” Monday, a Russian holiday dedicated to the Patriot Defenders of the country, will constitute a 4-day pre-new-year vacation.

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Heda Jindrak, after information from

Tuva trip a dream come true

About 10 years ago, Ed Michaud was driving home to Ellsworth when music came on his car radio unlike any he had heard. The singer seemed to be doing the impossible, vocalizing several different notes simultaneously. “It blew my mind as to how a person could create those sounds with their voice,” Mr. Michaud said.

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Mark Good / Mount Desert Islander

Leading Russian Oncology Center Faces Shortage Of Medicine

One of Russia's leading oncology centers is suffering from a lack of medicine. The Cancer Treatment Center in the Siberian city of Kyzyl, in the Russian republic of Tuva, is well known for its effective methods of treating cancer patients.

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Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Day of memory was held in Moscow for the researcher of Tuva, Sevyan Vainshtein

On November 23, a day of memory was held in Moscow for the legendary Russian ethnographer, archeologist, orientalist-turkologist, Professor Sevyan Vainshtein (1926-2008). His friends, colleagues and students, including those from Buryatia and Japan, gathered in his apartment. Among them was Dr. Elena Petrovna Batyanova, who remembered Sevyan Izrailevich with deep gratitude – as a great researcher of history, ethnography and archeology of Tuva, as a specialist in the area of history and culture of the nomads of Eurasia.

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Mariya Naksyl, translated by Heda Jindrak

Keeper of the Reindeer of the Great Taiga

altHe walked for three days to fulfill a promise he gave a year ago. From over there beyond the mountain, from the summer pasture. By way of an old footpath, which nobody except him remembers anymore.

Whitefoot came with him – Ak-Khol, his dog with white front legs. And two riding reindeer, Blackie and Zorka.

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Nadezhda Antufyeva (Center of Asia), translated by Heda Jindrak

Bicycle Race “KRITERIUM” Takes Place in Kyzyl

Today, July 8, the bicycle race “Kriterium” will take place in Kyzyl at 11:00 in Lenin Street. The bicyclists participating in the race “The Sayan Ring” are now in Tuva. They were met by the leaders of the Tuvan department of the “One Russia” party. Among those meeting the bicyclists, there were also heads of the departments of the localities through which the race will be routed. – Kyzyl, Ulug-Khem, Chaa-Khol, Dzun-Khem, Ak-Dovurak. This is the first time that an athlete from Tuva is actually participating in the race. It is the 38-year-old Alexandr Nemkin.
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Dina Oyun, translated by Heda Jindrak
Event announces

1) 27.09.2020: Day of Kindergartens' workers (Russia)

2) 01.10.2020: Day of the Tuvan language (Tuva)

3) 05.10.2020: Day of Teacher (Russia)

4) 11.10.2020: 76th anniversary of Tuva joining the Soviet Union (Tuva)

5) 04.11.2020: Day of Russian Unity (Russia)

6) 31.12.2020: Farewell to the Year 2020

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