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Average Life Expectancy in Tuva Lowest in Russia

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) released a report on Russian poverty earlier this week. In it, even Kremlin sycophant Sergei Mironov, Russia's equivalent to the American U.S. Senate Majority leader, admits: "Objective indicators and scientific studies show worsening of human potential in Russia over the last 15-20 years. The negative trend can be seen across the board, from education levels and qualifications to health and life expectancy.

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Car Sinks in Tuva, 9 People Drowned

9 people were killed, one body not found, as a result of a Sunday night traffic accident in the Republic of Tuva. A GAZ-53 truck sank while crossing the Mogen-Buren River in Mongun-Taiginsky District of Tuva, the local emergency service reported. The driver lost control, and the truck fell off the bridge.
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New Tuvan Prosecutor Comes from Novosibirsk

The new head of the republican prosecutor's office was introduced to deputies of the Great Khural on May 17 at the joint session of the two chambers. Senior councilor of justice Pavel Bukhtoyarov, 44, was appointed by the order of Russia's Prosecutor General to the Republic of Tuva.
After former prosecutor of Tuva Viktor Kizikin retired in February his duties were executed by Mikhail Sanchai. Tuva is in the lead in Siberia by a speedy change of prosecutors. Pavel Bukhtoyarov is the 5th Prosecutor of Tuva in the last 7 years.
Pavel Bukhtoyarov was born in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. He graduated from the Irkutsk State University and started his carrier as an investigator at the Irkutsk Garrison Military Prosecutor's Office.
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Dina Oyun

Two Mongolian Border Guards Killed at the Border with Tuva

Two Mongolian border guards in Tsagaan-Uul soum, Khovsgol aimag were shot dead on May 5 when they were on duty at the border with Tuva Republic of Russian Federation. B. Monkhoo, a sergeant-major in the same army unit, has been missing since then.

The Border Defense Authority (BDA) has said the suspected killer is likely to be heavily armed with 200 combat bullets, and a rifle. He is also believed to have two horses with him.

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Mayor of an Ukraine Town Sends Tuvan War Veterans Best Wishes

Victor Chaika, mayor of Rivne, administrative centre of the Rivne region in the Western part of Ukraine, sent on the eve of the Victory Day an official greeting letter to the Tuvan war veterans who liberated Rivne and some of the Ukrainean villages from the Nazi's occupation in 1944. Vera Bailak, 83, and Kyrgys Chamzyryn, 87, are the only Tuvan war veterans who lived up out of the legendary Tuvan Cavalry Squadron numbering 208.

Tuvan People's Republic, since 1921 an independant state, took the Hitler's agression against the Soviet Union as its own disaster.

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Dina Oyun

Forest Fires Keep Spreading in Tuva

The number of forest fires in Tuva enlarged from 18 to 22 over the day and spread onto the area of 6,500 hectares, including 2,700 hectares covered with trees, commander of the Tuva forestry air wing Valery Leskov told Itar-Tass on Sunday. He said a wind exceeding 20 meters per second is fanning the fire.

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Two Forest Fires in Tuva

First this year forest fires have started in Siberia. The Siberian regional centre of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations told Itar-Tass on Monday that taiga fires has been registered in the Chita region, Tuva republic, Khakassia republic and in Altai.
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Two Tuvan Kids Killed by Former Member of Religious Sect

A brutal killing of two kids in Tuva in autumn 2006 has been solved. The murderer of two Tuvan kids, aged 3 and 5, was a 60-year-old former member of a religious sect, expelled for hard drinking. As soon as the criminal was discharged from prison, where he was serving term for raping his seven-year-old niece, he joined the religious sect that sent him to tend cattle to the village of Uyuk. However, he was expelled from the community for the violation of labor discipline and was employed by his relative, Tuvan prosecutor's senior aid Vasily Krivdik said.
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Tax Police Chief Charged with Negligence in Tuva

A criminal action has been brought against the head of Tuvan inter-district tax police of the Federal Tax Service. Anatoly Ayzhi is charged with negligence that caused big-scale financial damage (Article 193, Part 1, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), the Tuvan Government reported. The republican tax police chief failed to register the Legislative Chamber of the Great Khural, causing damage of $70,000 to the state.
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Seminar for Tuva's English Teachers Organized with American Embassy Help

alt Today Bridget Gersten, English language office head in the American Embassy flies to Kyzyl where tomorrow an English teaching conference starts. The event is for two days at the university, sponsors are Tuvan State University and Tuva's Ministry of Education, speakers are Dr. Bridget F Gersten and Stephanie Funderburg from technical university in Novosibirsk.
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Dina Oyun
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1) 27.09.2020: Day of Kindergartens' workers (Russia)

2) 01.10.2020: Day of the Tuvan language (Tuva)

3) 05.10.2020: Day of Teacher (Russia)

4) 11.10.2020: 76th anniversary of Tuva joining the Soviet Union (Tuva)

5) 04.11.2020: Day of Russian Unity (Russia)

6) 31.12.2020: Farewell to the Year 2020

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