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School Children in Tuva Stay Home due to Severe frosts

Protracted severe frosts with temperatures sinking to minus 40 degrees Celsius have been keeping general schools shut for the past few days in some parts of southern Siberia. The weather has granted an extra vacation to more than a half of 57,300 school students in the region of Tuva.
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Heavy frosts again affect Tuva after two-day warming

After a two-day relative warming in the Tuva republic the frosts there again reached 42-44 degrees Celsius on Saturday. Classes have been totally or partially cancelled in schools of Kyzyl and five rural areas, a duty officer of the Kyzyl mayor’s office told Itar-Tass.

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Diving in Yenissei in Winter

The Christian feast of the Epiphany has been celebrated in Tuva at midnight on January 19 on the Yenissei river near a buddist temple. Orthodox priest Father Viacheslav has made a blessing of the waters ceremony after which people began to dive into a crest-shape ice-hole. It is beleived that diving in water helped cleanse sins and brought spiritual healing. The tradition in Tuva is followed by people of different nationalities. Among the divers members of the government were noted.
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Press-service of Government

All kindergartens and schools Closed in Five Tuvan Villages because of Hepatitis Outbreak

Six kindergartens and six schools were closed down in five Tuvan villages in Todzhinsky District because of a hepatitis A outbreak, Rospotrebnadzor (a federal regulatory agency on health and consumer rights affairs) reported today. 57 children had hepatitis A on Thursday, while on January 11 there had been 38 of them, and 52 – on January 16.
It was decided to close all the kindergartens and schools in those villages. All the patients live in Todzhinsky District of Tuva. The cause of the hepatitis outbreak is being established. Rospotrebnadzor experts are working in the district.
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34 children infected with hepatitis in Tuva

Hepatitis A outbreak has been registered in Todzhinsky Kozhuun (District) of Tuva, 34 children have already fallen ill. In addition, 900 more people have been in contact with the children, the Tuvan Government reported.
25 water sources have been tested for the virus, 5 of them were detected as infected, Lyubov Oorzhak, Tuva's chief sanitary official said. Immunization of children has already been carried out in the villages, where the outbreak of the disease had been registered.
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Tuvan MP to be tried for bribery

Nikolay Dubrovsky, Tuvan MP and president of the Tuvan State University accused of bribery will be tried in Kyzyl Town Court. The Tuvan Prosecutor's Office has sent the criminal case (Article 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) to court, as it is reported on the official Web site of the Russian General Prosecutor's Office.

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Four people injured in fire in Kyzyl hostel

Photo by Vitaly ShaifullinFour people were injured in fire in a hostel in Kyzyl, Tuva Republic, in central Russia, the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry told Itar-Tass on Saturday. “According to preliminary estimates, four people – two men and two women – were injured,” the source said. The fire broke out at a two-storey wooden hostel of a construction plant at 20:00 local time (12:00 GMT). Fire fighting units are working on the site, but fire is still not put out.

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Killer of Two Little Children Convicted in Tuva

The Tuva Supreme Court sentenced Ertine Salchak, 20, to 25 years in prison for the murder of two little children in the village of Bai-Khaak, the Tandy district of the republic in 2006. He will serve his sentence in a tough-regime penitentiary, press secretary of the Tuva republican Prosecutor’s Office Vasily Krivdik told Itar-Tass on Friday.
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Tuva Writes 'People's Dictation'

'People's Dictation' was launched in Tuva on October 11, the day of the 63th anniversary of Tuva's joining Soviet Union. The mass action devoted to the Russian Language Year was initiated by school-teachers in the Sukpak village. Tuvan teachers are troubled by the lowing level of the Russian language knowledge specially in the deep Tuvan provinces where there are no Russians. Monoliguistic surrounding does not urge young Tuvans to get to know Russian properly. Schools in Kyzyl are overcrowded with the influx of the schoolchilden from Tuvan villages. Their parents know that with scarce knowledge of the Russian language their children won't be able to enter higher educational institutions both inside Tuva and outside.
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Dina Oyun

Tuva Cannot Cope with Forest Fires

A state of emergency has not been canceled in the Republic of Tuva yet. The state of emergency was announced over numerous forest fire in the republic on September 4. 10 serious forest fires have not been extinguished in Tuva, as Vladimir Nedelin, deputy-chairman of the republican government, told a KNews correspondent. Forests are on fire in the remote areas, where helicopters must be used.

However, local funds and finances from the reserve fund of the Russian Federation are not enough to ensure air flights to the fire areas. Tuva had already requested extra financing in the Russian Government. Due to the resignation of former Russian PM Mikhail Fradkov, the problem remains unsolved, Nedelin stated.

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1) ENDS TOMORROW: IV International Khoomei Festival, devoted to the 60th anniversary of People's Khoomeizhi Kongar-ool Ondar (Kyzyl, Tuva)

2) 01.09.2022: Day of memory and honour of Tuvan volunteers who fighted against fascism (Tuva)

3) 01.11.2022: Day of Tuvan language (Tuva)

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