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электронный журнал "Новые исследования Тувы"

Tuvan Theatre Represents Russia in the International Theatre Festival

Today the Tuvan theatre will show the play 'Egil, Ezhim, Egil!' (Come Back, My Friend, Come Back!) in Brest (Belorussia) at the Xth International Festival 'Belaya Vezha'. The Tuvan theatre was chosen out of dozens of other Russian theatres thanks to famous Moscow critic Oleg Pivovarov who insisted on this choice. Besides Russia, theatres from Israel, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Turkey - all in all from 26 countries - take part in the festival.
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Dina Oyun

Tuva Established Direct Links with the Northern China

Tuvan delegation headed by vice-prime-minister Alexandr Brokert has taken part in the XIYth International Urumchi Trading Fair (Inner Mongolia). Within Alexandr Brokert meeting his Chinese Colleague the framework of the fair a presentation of the Siberian regions was held. During the negotiations between Mr Brokert and Vice-Prime-Minister of the Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous region of China possible fields of cooperation in regard to Tuva were discussed. Northern China is willing to participate in the development of the Tuvan wood-processing industry, coal and gold mining.
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Dina Oyun

Tuvan Homosexuals Have Now Their Own Site

A letter signed Nikolay Bodrov which appeared on the 'Tuva-Online' guestbook made an effect of the exploded bomb. It declared it publicly what was earlier a hidden subject that there are different groups of 'gays' in Kyzyl.
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Dina Oyun

Second 'Kyzyl-Moscow' Festival is to Open in Mid-October

The Second 'Kyzyl-Moscow' Festival of the Tuvan culture will be held in Moscow, October 15-16, as its director Georgi Beletski reported to 'Tuva-Online'. Three Tuvan groups – 'Ene-Sai' (Mother the River), 'Salgal' (Generation), 'Uger Dorgun' (Mountaineous Star) – have confirmed its participation in the Moscow Fest. For 'Ene-Sai' headed by Nadezhda Kuular it will a second visit to the Russian capital this year. In May the group performed one of the most prestigeous stages in Russia – in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.
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Dina Oyun

Khomus Lovers will Come to Kyzyl

 Khomus Festival. Photo courtesy of  'Throat-Singing: In Pursuit of Overtones' ( and ethnomusicologists from Tuva, Bashkortostan, Altai, Yakutia, Khakasia, Britain, Usa, Switzerland will take part in the Interregional Conference on the Jewesh Harp which will be held in Kyzyl, September, 9-11. Its main aims as put in the official documents are 'to improve the mastery of playing khomus, to develop folk traditions, to establish creative contacts, to contribute to the further development of this art'. The head-liners of the event are the 'Ayar-Khaan' group from Yakutia and the 'Ulger' ensemble from Khakasia. The latter is this year Grand-Prix winner at the 'Sayan Ring' Ethnofestival.
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Sayana Mongush, Dina Oyun

Shyn is Celebrating its 80th Anniversary

One of the first issues of 'Shyn'. Photo courtesy of http://shyin.tuva.ruThe oldest Tuvan news-paper is celebrating its 80th anniversary. In April 1925 new printing equipment, bought with the help of the Russian Government, was installed on the base of the 'Red Ploughman' (news-paper of the Russian settlers) printing house. And 4 months later on the 31 of August 300 copies of the first issue of the Tuvan news-paper 'Unen' were released in the Mongolian language. In 1931 with the appearance of the Tuvan written language the news-paper was renamed into 'Shyn' (the Truth). Throughout the past years 18 journalists and party officials have been at the head of the news-paper.
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Dina Oyun

Steve Sklar: “People ask me how I got into khoomei, and I tell them that instead, khoomei got into me!”

Steve Sklar. Photo courtesy of khoomei.comIn July 2004 Tuva-Online information on the khoomei festival devoted to Gennadi Tumat said of the controversy which followed the festival program. Old khoomeizhis who took part in the Round table on the future of khoomei expressed their concern about the bold experiments with the traditional way of throat-singing and participation of foreign participants in the khoomei contests when jury very often out of hospitality gives awards to foreign throat-singers. Some of them proposed a separate nomination for foreigners competing with local throat-singers. This debate was followed on the tuva-online site by Arjopa (Germany), Sauli Heikille (Finland) and others. Here is a view by Steve Sklar (USA):

“Dear Khoomeizhis and khoomei lovers,

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Steve Sklar
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