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» » Three Abandoned Children Found in Tuva on One Day
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«    October 2006    »
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Three Abandoned Children Found in Tuva on One Day

Abandoning children becomes more often in Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva, State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company "Tyva" reported. Three small abandoned children were found in Kyzyl streets on one day last week.

The first telephone call was received by police in the afternoon on October, 12. A child was found near the orphanage in Suvorova St. by teachers. It emerged that 18-month-old Ulzana Shyyrap had been taken to the children's home by her mother.

The girl had documents with her – an insurance policy, a medical card and a birth certificate. The woman wanted to leave her daughter but a chief doctor was out at the moment. The orphanage staff recommended the mother should come another day but the latter decided to get rid of her child immediately.

Two hours later a security found another small girl abandoned by her parents near the Children's Home in Kalinina St. Alexandra Dorzhu-Sambaa had the whole set of documents too.

A third small girl was found near a confectioner's in Krasnoarmeyskaya St.. She had no documents, so the girl's name and age remain unknown. The foundling looks like two years old.

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